Q. How do I try the sport of clay target shooting at Majura Park Gun Club?

A. Beginners need no experience! You don’t even need a firearms licence, shotgun or any club membership.  For further information take a look at our Beginners page.



Q. How do I obtain an ACT Firearms Licence?

A. There are several steps to obtaining an ACT Firearms Licence.  These steps are outlined HERE

You will then need to join the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (SSAA) and apply for a club membership HERE.  To progress into competition shooting, depending on the discipline you are interested in, you will need to join one of the following clubs;



Q. How much does it cost to have a go?

A. Check out our Pricing page HERE.



Q.  Are there EFTPOS/credit card facilities available at the club house?

A.  Yes however we do NOT accept AMEX



Q.  What do I need to know about visiting the MPGC grounds?

A.  Here are some fundamental points on club mandate;

  • It is mandatory for ALL personal on the grounds to sign the attendance book on arrival
  • Guns are to remain unloaded and in the open position at all times except when on the lanes preparing to shoot
  • Clean and appropriate attire is to be worn at all times – e.g. no soiled clothing, open toe shoes, singlet tops etc.
  • It is the shooters responsibility to know what squad they are in and be on the lanes at the time of round commencement
  • Flora and Fauna is to be protected at all times.  Any abuse will render the shooter banned from the grounds indefinitely at the discretion of the shoot marshal/club committee
  • When scoring the targets, the referees decision is final
  • Clay target shooting is a sport and shooters are expected to keep fair play and sportsmanship foremost in their dealings with other shooters
  • It is appreciated that spent cartridges once ejected are placed in the bins provided on the lanes
  • Safety is paramount; any apathy or ignorance toward the shoot marshal or birds only instructor will not be tolerated and you may be ejected from club grounds
  • The minimum age for participation is 12 years although children under 12 are welcome to attend the club as are any family or friends regardless of their participation in an event or shoot.



Q.  Can I organise a tailored/private group event?

A.  Yes, Majura Park Gun Club can tailor a package for your group events, parties and corporate functions. Check out our Corporate Shoots page for more information.