This is a simpler variation of Olympic Trap and is the next most popular trap discipline after Down The Line (DTL). It is often used as a stepping stone to Olympic Trap.

Only one trap is used and target variation is obtained by the continuous oscillation of the trap in both horizontal and vertical directions in order to give the same spread of targets as in Olympic Trap. The targets are thrown to a distance of 75m metres at angles of 30° – 45° from the horizontal angle.

A squad is made up of 6 shooters with one target taken at each stand.

The shooter moves to the stand to his right after that shooter has taken his shot. Each shooter shoots 25 targets and may take 2 shots at each with either counting as a hit.

This is one discipline that requires lightning fast reactions but with a cool head. Inexperienced shooters can get caught out but with proper coaching you can learn to master Ball Trap. The mental aspect to ball trap is even more important than in DTL.