Down The Line (usually referred to as DTL) is the most common trap discipline.

The layout involves five shooting positions set 15 metres behind a single trap. The trap throws targets out to a distance of around 45 metres at a fixed height.

The targets are thrown within a 44 degree arc from the trap house (22 degrees either side of the centre line) but the angle of release randomly alters between each target.

The shooter on lane one will call for a target and attempt to shoot it. The full use of the gun is permitted so two shots are allowed. (Usually six shooters take part in a round) after one target has been shot.

The shooters all then circulate around to the next lane and continue until five targets have been taken at each of the five lanes.

A scorer is normally used for DTL to release the trap when a shooter calls “Pull”, to decide if the clay has been hit and to record the score. The Scorer allows the round to be shot at a fairly rapid pace and ensures each shooter shoots at the correct number of clays.

Although in theory you will only need 25 cartridges for a round of DTL you will inevitably use more than this due to several factors including the following. Usually each shooter is allowed a single practice bird at their first stand before the round commences and two shots are permitted at each target.

If the clay breaks when launched from a trap it is considered a “No Bird “and will be shot again. Shooters will occasionally shoot at the No Bird in error.